Happy New Year Lewisburg Middle School!

Congratulations to Mrs. Sarah Bryant, Lewisburg Middle School Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Bryant is a shining example of all that is good in the teaching profession. Her dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance, and love of her students are evidenced daily as she strives to ensure that each child reaches his potential.
As this “new year” begins, it is a great time to reflect on our jobs as teachers and students. Mr. Meadows helped the teachers do this as he handed back to us our personal goals which we wrote to ourselves during our beginning of the year in-service. It was a great way to refocus on those specific goals.
Students, too, could take this “new year” as a time to refocus on their goals. I know everyone started off the year with the plan of making this year the best one ever. Has it been? If yes is your answer, good for you, and keep on your path! If your answer is no, maybe the following suggestions will help change the rest of the year for the better:
Come to class every day…
Be ready to learn…
Do all your work to the best of your ability…
Have all your supplies…
Focus on “class” during class…
Ask questions…
Try, try, try, and try again…
Smile! You’ll be amazed at how much it helps.

Have a great year Lewisburg Middle School!!


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