6th Grade Math Teachers Become Students for 2 Days

Mrs. McCool, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Ramsay had the pleasure of attending the Regional NCTM (National Teachers of Mathematics) Conference in Nashville in late November. While there we were able to experience being a part of several workshops as students. It was a great way to help us identify with being on the other side of the smartboard as we learned how to subtract without regrouping, excite our fellow teachers about our awesome profession, and engage our tremendous students during class.
Our math students have worked diligently all semester and will actually complete our last chapter ahead of schedule! This will allow us to begin to incorporate some of the great methods and strategies that we learned at the conference during our final two weeks of the semester. We are so excited to share!
One new strategy is subtracting without regrouping. All of us learned to subtract numbers the same way using the standard algorithm. This tried and true method works for most of us; however, for those students who struggle, they need another option. Thanks to an incredible class we attended taught by a seasoned 53 year educator, we now have FOUR alternative ways to teach subtraction for those students who need another way. We cannot wait to share these great strategies!
Our bright hardworking students challenge us to constantly find new ways to excite and engage them daily. They will certainly be engaged as we explore our newest strategy, the “Number Line Hustle”. We will be dancing the day away as we add and subtract integers with a fun new approach to an old objective. If you hear the unmistakable sound of disco echoing down the halls feel free to join us as we boogie our way to the correct answers!
Finally, we had the joy of hearing from Kentucky’s Teacher of the Year who helped remind each of us that the time, effort, and energy that we pour into our profession is given back to us hundreds of times over the course of a teaching career. Our students are the BEST part of our jobs. They challenge us to constantly grow and be better, not only for them, but for those who come after them. We each feel reenergized and ready to keep growing and helping our students any way that we can!


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