Art and SPOTLIGHT Classes—Mrs. Roehm

Mrs. Roehm’s Art and SPOTLIGHT classes have been very busy since the new school year began. Her classroom is the picture of “organized chaotic”. With two very busy curriculums that require a lot of space, the lab is working great!
In Art, classes jumped into creating and are still going strong! We have studied artist Peter Max and created our own versions of a Peter Max poster. We have created a city of architecture, real or imaginative, using geometric nets to design the buildings focusing on details.


We have learned about Vincent Van Gogh and have painted our own still life of “Sunflowers”. This project seemed to be a favorite! We are very proud of our “Sunflowers”!!


Around Halloween, we learned about Edvard Munch, the artist of “The Scream” and created our own art piece by illustrating those things that make us want to SCREAM!

Art classes are most excited about our upcoming art project, 4 Season Button Tree Art! Thanks to Tallulah Redding for sponsoring our project!!

In SPOTLIGHT classes, students are learning to be entrepreneurs. They have had to develop friendship bracelet companies starting with applying for their jobs within the companies. They are going through the entrepreneurial cycle– design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. After naming their companies, students began learning how to run their companies financially by keeping up with withdrawals and deposits and by making decisions about selling shares of stocks to a venture capitalist. As of now, each company has chosen their design from many prototypes. We still have a long way to go, manufacturing the bracelets, marketing them and finally selling them. Our final goal will be to sell the bracelets for a charity of choice.




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