8th Grade English with Mrs. Lacey

This blog post was written by Mrs. Ashton Lacey.  Mrs. Lacey begins her 2nd year here at LMS and teaches 8th Grade English.



It has been a great first 9 Weeks at Lewisburg Middle School, particularly in 8th grade English! One skill we have been working very hard on is finding character traits of characters in a text. The students know exactly what’s coming when we pull the baby-post-it notes out!


Also, we have been building social skills by working in teams, sharing “Good Things” about our lives with one another, and writing, “Affirmations.” We find that doing these things and learning about positive ways to treat others really works. It can totally change the dynamic of a classroom when students realize that others in the room have found something good about them.
(A sweet affirmation!)


(A group of students create an “Emotional Timeline” for the main character of a novel they are reading.)


Another cool thing that the entire 8th grade got to experience was learning about Police Dogs. For our unit featuring The Call of the Wild, we had Officer Hutchens come visit our school with his K-9! The students and teachers got to learn about how the dog is trained, what he has to go through, and how he serves our community in this role. The students enjoyed asking questions like “Has he ever had to bite anybody? How many people has he bitten?” Haha! Thank you, Officer Hutchens, for taking the time to come out with your awesome dog!


I think it has been a great first 9 weeks in 8th grade ELA, and we are looking forward to the next one! We are so blessed to have the faculty and students that we have here at LMS and we are PROUD TO BE A PATRIOT!


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