The Library at LMS

Ms. Laxton has been teaching for over 15 years. She has taught Math, English, Science, Art and Spotlight. She is beginning her 3rd year as our Librarian.

The Lewisburg Middle School Library Media Center currently has over 9,300 books, 23 magazine subscriptions, 2 newspaper subscriptions, 16 student computers, and multiple reading centers. Classes are scheduled to come to the Library with their Language Arts teachers weekly. Computers are used for individual and class research, assignments, and projects. Students are also welcome to come to the library before school, during break, between classes, during study hall or during their regularly scheduled library time. Books can be checked out for a period of two weeks. Materials in our Library Media Center are selected to serve both teachers and students. The library media center contains a balanced comprehensive collection of media. This collection contributes to the instructional program of the schools and also includes materials, which provide for recreation and enrichment. In general, learning resources shall be selected for their strengths, rather than rejected for their weaknesses.

                                           Sixth Grade Library Activity
The sixth grade students, who have Library activity, are currently exploring and personalizing Destiny Quest. Destiny Quest uses the power of social media to create a personal experience around the library collection. This week, through Destiny Quest, students will be making book recommendations as well as writing book reviews.


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