Resilient, Compassionate, and Impressionable

Mrs. Courtney Lawrence is beginning her 3rd year as an inclusion teacher here at Lewisburg Middle School.

Before I started working with middle school students, a few words came to mind: Awkward, Immature, and Confused. These adjectives described my memories as an early adolescent, but with age, my perception has changed drastically. As a 7th grade inclusion teacher, I travel throughout the classrooms of LMS each day. Spending time with these “tweens” provides a unique perspective into their world. In various settings, I see their interactions with one another, hear their conversations, and watch them navigate through daily situations. I have grown to love these young adults, who can be more appropriately defined as Resilient, Compassionate, and Impressionable.

Without a doubt, the rewards of a teaching are infinite and invaluable. This truth resonates quite often for me. The most remarkable moments are not in the academic realm; instead, I value the web of relationships and social/emotional growth for middle school students. Here at Lewisburg Middle, leadership in our student body is not hard to find.

Since the beginning of this school year, one of our students has had difficulty opening her locker every day. When I see multiple students recognize the problem, pause from their conversations, and offer to assist her, my heart swells at their integrity and compassion. Other students act as peer-buddies, guiding their struggling neighbors through notes and assignments. They offer compliments and encourage correct answers. Some of our students have introverted personalities, but I hear others searching for similar interests in the lunch line or asking about their weekend during break. These small acts of kindness speak volumes, and I often realize that the roles have reversed. They are the teachers and I am the student.
I believe all teachers cherish connecting with their students. Last week during the middle school dodgeball game, I saw this firsthand. A particular student participated in the games (with a school-wide audience), and showed enthusiasm and confidence that brought his teachers to tears. I also heard a teacher overcome with emotion when she described how her student pushed himself through an incredibly frustrating situation.

Our attitudes and actions are contagious. I am so proud to be a middle school teacher at LMS. Thank you LEWISBURG for making a great investment.


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