Tech Foundations with Coach Belk


This will be my second year at Lewisburg Middle School, as well as Technology Foundations teacher. I must say that the students here at Lewisburg have taught me as much about computers as I have them. We have recently learned the importance of computer ethics and the beginnings of keyboarding. The students just LOVE keyboarding. I have always thought there is such a need for a sarcastic font on computers.
One of the toughest tasks I have is breaking the students of “bad keyboarding habits.” Students of today use the computer so much in class by the time they reach 8th grade, they have usually been required to write a paper or present a presentation. It is a fun process for me, but not so much at times for the students. My classroom is very laid back, but always engaging. We have really gotten into some keyboarding this past week. If you were to visit my class you would probably hear a little background music and the occasional “make sure you’re using proper keyboarding technique” from me to let certain students know they need to tighten up.

Untitled Untitled.png2 Untitled.png3

I am very excited about this year. I am going to use a new program to teach Microsoft Office. The students will have to opportunity to choose their personal route of learning. The two choices they have are the following:
1. The Dream Team


Just about everybody loves sports! Whether its baseball, football, hockey, or soccer, the audience loves highlights on TV, scores, statistics, and the roars from fans cheering. The Dream Team will put the students in the position of a Microsoft Office Sports Marketing Specialist to start their own professional sports franchise team. From creating a team name and logo to designing VIP passes for their new stadium, they will learn first-hand what it’s like behind the scenes of professional sports.

2. The Restaurant Entrepreneur


The Restaurant Entrepreneur is designed to let the student be the owner of their own restaurant. It will give the student an in-depth, real-world view of what it is like to use their creativity, business, and computer skills to run their own restaurant. Using Microsoft Office they will put together and create all of the documents that a “real” restaurant would need to open its doors to the public. From writing a radio commercial script, to designing a mobile app, the student will experience life as a business owner.
These two programs will help the students understand the importance of knowing how to do the basics of Microsoft Office. Hopefully, with the help of these programs, the students will really get excited about their assignments. There is always going to be competition out there (classmates) who are trying to put together a better menu for their restaurant or create exciting newsletters and deals for fans to attend their franchise’s events.


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