The Middle School Experience

This blog was written by Mrs. Cheryl Smith. Mrs. Smith is beginning her 7th year as Assistant Principal here at Lewisburg Middle School.

Being in middle school for over 25 years as a teacher and now an assistant principal, I have heard many many times “I don’t want my child to go to middle school”, “Middle School scares me”, or “ I’m dreading my child going to middle school.” The middle school years can be the best school years of your child’s life if he/she is prepared and knows what to expect. Students are usually more successful in middle school if they are primed and geared up for the challenge.
With middle school come the following new experiences:
• New teachers , new building, new classes, and possibly new friends
• Changing classes, lockers, and lunch period are all new adjustments
• Participation in athletics, clubs, and a variety of extracurricular activities
• More independence but more responsibility
• Difficult classes, more homework, and more independent work
• Social activities such as games, pep rallies, dances, along with social pressure
• Most importantly students grow and change in many different ways during the middle school years
These three years of your child’s life can be the most exciting and rewarding when your child is involved and participates in school activities. They will make new friends, gain new skills, and have lots of fun.
Set goals with your child. Goals give them direction and focus. Having a goal also helps them develop a plan of action. Last but not least help them make good choices and decisions. When they make good choices and decisions, they reap the rewards. Therefore, they must realize that with poor choices and decisions, they must accept the consequences.
Also an open line of communication can be the key to successful middle school years. If there is something your child needs to talk about, of course, they should always come to you, the parent, first. But they should also be aware that the faculty, counselors and administration of Lewisburg Middle School are always available to talk and especially listen. At LMS, we want to make sure these are the BEST school years full of happy memories for all of our students.

Good Read – Getting the MOST out of Middle School by Linda O’Brien

Cheryl Smith
Assistant Principal
Lewisburg Middle School


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