“Text Messaging Brings Assignments to Life”

The following post is from Mrs. Tabitha Green.  Mrs. Green teaches 7th/8th US History and is beginning her 9th year at Lewisburg.  She absolutely loves teaching middle school and is also a National Board Certified Teacher.


Texting is like second nature to the current generation, so I decided to incorporate it in my 8th grade US History classes. We are currently studying Exploration & Colonization. I created an activity called Let’s Text.The students were required to text back and forth with their partner about the lesson. They were not allowed to talk to each other. The room was silent. Their brains were working. Students could use emojis and other text symbols. If your birthday came first, you were given the privilege of starting the conversation. The students loved the activity! They were all focused and actively engaged. This activity allowed me to see how much my students understood about the lesson and how they felt about what was going on during this time period. The acronyms and emojis the students used fit right into their conversations. As teachers and parents, we must understand and embrace the world the students live in and how they communicate. After observing and reflecting on this lesson, I plan in the future to allow my students to have a texting debate where they debate a controversial topic with opposing viewpoints using text messages. The “Let’s Text” activity was successful, and my students asked to do it again.


Mrs. Green


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